Traditional in-person classes and settings can be a hassle. The planning, the travel arrangements, the single session of instruction that leaves you relying on your memory or whatever notes you could jot down when you try to put your learning into's just not practical.

  • 100% Online Experience

    Unlike a traditional in-person setting, our courses can be completed at your leisure and when your schedule allows from practically anywhere in the world.

  • Content Availability

    Our courses aren't a one and done kind of thing. Our lessons can be watched over and over again allowing you to learn at your own pace and review concepts that you are beginning to put into practice.

  • Knowledge From Experience

    Teaching from theory can only get you so far in the tuning world. Here at ETS, we teach from over 30 years of first-hand industry experience and we share all the secrets behind what has helped us create our success in the industry.


This overview lets you see exactly what will be covered in each of our courses.

When you select a course of interest on our website, you will be taken to it's landing page. Scroll down to find the Course Curriculum section at the bottom of the page. A general overview of included lessons is provided, and each lesson can be expanded for a more in-depth look at what topics are covered throughout that lesson.